Candy Crush Saga – Collect delicious candies.

Game for android


A great way to distract his mind from routine work or just to relax a bit is the game for Android called Candy Crush Saga. The game has a very poor quality – very addictive gameplay. If you sit down to play it, then stop will be very difficult and get it only in the case when you are out of attempts to pass the next level.

Candy Crush Saga

The gameplay and management:

The game is a classic genre “3 in a row”, which can easily be called one of the most popular at the moment, especially on mobile platforms. Your journey begins with a small candy shop, and then continues to the candy machine, etc. During the trip, you will also be a little girl who will try to show you and tell you something interesting. This game has absorbed almost all gameplay innovations that were invented for this game. At first, you just have to destroy candy to collect the required number of points, and in a couple of levels, to add a new task in which you have to destroy the glass blocks on the playing field.

Candy Crush Saga

I would like to say combo system directly, it is often helps and makes the game much more fun, as you move one candy that turn out to collect combo X10 and even more, depending on luck. So you are a little thought before each turn, was a restriction on the number of actions you can take. If you have managed to complete the game before the termination of all actions, they will give you extra bonus points that will help to fill the indicator scores for the level to be 3 stars. Management implemented very convenient, simple and responsive. To move the candy on the playing field, use the usual gestures left-right-up-down. No other additional actions you need to do.

Game for android

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Another huge advantage of the game is its graphics, which will delight you with the variety of colors, amazing special effects, smooth animation and excellent optimization as a smartphone and a tablet. The sounds and the soundtrack matched perfectly, I have no questions. To summarize: Candy Crush Saga is one of the best casual puzzle that is free and will be able to please you with beautiful HD graphics, exciting and contagious gameplay, easy and very “polite” donut system, which is no pressure on you during the game, and it does not require the purchase of various accelerators for the next level. Enjoy the game!

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