Boom Beach – strategy developers Clash of Clans.

Strategies by type of Clash of Clans now are many, and in many ways they are even in a similar style, but it’s a process may be radically different from each. The game called Boom Beach can be called a good copy, since it has a beautiful 3D graphics and well thought-out gameplay, and is simple enough in development management.

Boom Beach
The gameplay and management:

The essence of the game is that you need to leave the Islands, which were occupied by the Nazis, which in this game are called the Guardians of Darkness. They, in turn, have enslaved the people of the island and forced them to work. In return for the release, the residents of the island will bring you gold, which the game is never enough. To improve structures/purchase new units will be used only two basic materials like gold and wood. Over time, you will be able to produce and stones, but it won’t be soon, and certainly not at the first level. Facilities in the game very much, but in General they are divided into three main categories – economy, protection and support. In order to capture the island, you need to go to map mode, where you will immediately realize the seriousness of this game, because of the missions in the game very much.

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Before the attack on another island, look closely at the level of the island, and also send the intelligence to understand how well protected the island and will you be able to destroy everything. In addition, clicking on the island, you can see how many resources you will receive in the event of victory. To open new Islands, you need to improve your radar, and pay gold, for the discovery of new lands. During battles, you available amphibious assault ships, which will be your infantry, and artillery, which can bombard the enemy position (the cost of a shot will grow each time, but thanks for units, which destroy buildings, you’ll get points for another shot). Management, by the way, very easy to understand will be very easy.

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Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game looks really good, I have no questions, the developers did a superb job of not only the animation, but also detail, and optimization. The soundtrack sounds perfectly matched. To summarize: Boom Beach is a wonderful strategy, which doesn’t require any special knowledge of tactics, but it will not give you a long time to play, because that is the time to upgrade, construction and production of materials to leave quite a lot. The game is free, Donat is present, but in the game he is not a heavy burden to carry. Enjoy the game!

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