Batman Arkham Origins

Since the release of the last part of the game Batman it took a little over a year and just recently, Warner Bros. decided to return the interest of players to this game, and releasing a game for Android under exactly the same name, Batman Arkham Origins.

Story is practically no different from its “parent”, but the gameplay is, of course, a very simplified and looks more like one of the first games NetherRealm on Android Injustice Gods Among Us. The game boasts the same beautiful graphics, as in Injustice, thanks to the Unreal Engine, fun gameplay, in which you’ll find a place and character levelling and improving the basic characteristics of Batman, as well as a very simple operation, which moved directly from Injustice.

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Gameplay and control:

The essence of the game is that you need to perform various tasks, which are in one of 4 areas. Initially open only one area, and to see these you need to defeat bosses. The game has multiple job types: regular (simple task in which you need to blow the whistle on the brazen face the bandits), testing (they need to score 5 stars and only then they are counted as completed), ephemera (special assignment that is given for one day only and has a very high level of difficulty, but the reward is increased in several times), and at the time (you are given half an hour to get the job, otherwise it just disappears).

Clicking on a task, you can see its complexity, reward, costs endurance (Yes, it is energy), and the modifier, which usually complicates the game. If you pass some task does not work, then you can buy boosts. The combat system in the game has remained virtually unchanged, except that now added such a thing as hour. The game has two types of rack – offensive and defensive. More damage, of course, in the offensive, but the defense is better in defensive (don’t forget to change them when fighting strong opponents).

Control of the game even has not undergone significant changes. For normal attack, simply do touch on the screen. If you manage to stun the enemy, you will begin to receive the arrows that show which way you need to do the gesture. Thereby you will get critical hits. Shield, special shocks and strut changed by pressing the special button.
Graphics and soundtrack:

Graphically the game has not changed, but I am glad that the developers have added a spectacular cut scenes when fighting with bosses, and also worked on optimization. The soundtrack and sounds without any complaints. To summarize: Batman Arkham Origins is another cool fighting game from NetherRealm, which is already “learned on the job” when creating Mortal Kombat, Injustice. The game is free, Donat is present, and still sometimes affects the game. Enjoy the game!

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