AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

Antivirus for android

AVG AntiVirus FREE – free mobile antivirus that protects Android devices from malicious applications and viruses.

The anti-virus allows you to delete sensitive data and manage applications, and remotely control your phone via the web interface or SMS messages in case of theft or loss, determine its location on Google Maps.

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

New and updated version 3.0 is designed for comfort, and simple management, so that the protection of your mobile Android device has become even easier and more convenient for users.

New in version

– Improved detection technology malware
– Bug fixes
The main advantages of AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

• Test your applications, settings, files, and SD cards in real time.
• Allows you to specify the location of your lost or stolen device via Google Maps using the web portal AVG Mobilation.
• Lock / erase all data on the device to protect your sensitive data.
• Completion of tasks that slow down your mobile device.
• Safe and secure browsing web pages on the Internet.
• Monitoring battery status, free space on Android and mobile Internet use.

AVG AntiVirus FREE

With free AVG antivirus for Android, you get an effective and easy to use protection against viruses and malware, as well as real-time scanner applications, locator phone, the process Manager, a tool to lock the application with a password and tools for local treatment of the data on your Android device to protect your personal data. Realtime scanner protects against threats during startup applications or games on your phone or tablet.

Mobile antivirus AVG AntiVirus FREE as well:

• Protects from malicious applications, viruses and spyware programs.
• Allows you to filter and block unwanted calls and SMS-messages.
• Defines unprotected device settings and allows you to correct them.
• Helps ensure the security of your contacts, bookmarks and text messages.
• Checks of media files for malicious software and security threats.
• Protects Android device from phishing attacks.
• Can be scheduled to run daily, weekly or on request.
Key features of AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

AVG AntiVirus

Anti-Theft and positioning

• Locate a lost or stolen mobile phone and receive assistance in the search for it through Google Maps.
• Remotely turn on GPS on an Android device and send it to your location.
• Remote lock device through a web portal AVG Mobilation or via text message.
• Remote wipe the content on your phone or SD card
• Installation messages on the lock screen to help find it.
• Include a call on the device, even if it is in silent mode.

Safe Internet

• Search the Internet, online purchase and use of social networks with reliable protection from phishing and web threats.
• Scanning of web sites that block malicious resources. If suspicious URL is found, you will be redirected to “Safe”page.

Productivity and performance

• Optimization: AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android includes a monitor consumption of battery power, use the free space and the amount of transferred data to optimize the performance of the device.
• Get notified when the battery level below you set, and disable unused features in order to save energy.
• Control of the use of free space on the device and SD card helps to optimize the file space on your mobile phone or tablet.
• Move applications and games from the internal memory to SD card.
• Network monitor allows you to monitor the amount of transferred mobile data over 3G / 4G network using notifications when you reach the limit specified in the settings of the tariff.

Task Manager

• Task Manager in AVG AntiVirus FREE allows you to complete tasks that slow down or inhibit your Android device.


• The ability to completely erase contacts, text messages, photos, history of the web browser, a calendar, a format SD card and repair your mobile device To its factory default settings.

• Manually select specific data and information on your mobile device you want to remove, such as synchronized account, e-mail, web history browser and bookmarks.
Enhanced privacy

Trial of AVG AntiVirus FREE for 14 days free of charge:

• Lock application for protection of confidential data and settings of your phone with a password.
• Backup applications to the SD card.
• Anti-theft function camera-trap and function of the SIM card lock

AVG AntiVirus FREE for Android

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