Asphalt Chase

Gameloft secret kept developing new Asphalt, but nobody really doubted that this series of games will be abandoned. And to the surprise of many, a new game for Android in the Asphalt series called “Asphalt Chase” and was a runner. The anger of most of the players were, too, because the runners are already all so tired that even the runner on your favorite racing series is perceived with a great deal of anger.

Asphalt Chase

But if you look in the description, you will notice that this is not a new game in the series, and spin-offs, i.e. a completely separate game that is in no way associated with one of the most popular series of games, this means that development on the new Asphalt is still underway. So slightly britesite your anger, get the idea that the runner is bad and just soak up the atmosphere of the 80-H. Cool muscle, the chase with the cops, robbery, crazy stunts, high speed and a stunning soundtrack is a new game from Gameloft.

Gameplay and control:

In the game you have to play 6 different types of missions:
1. Escape is the first mode that is available to you. The goal is to reach a certain number of meters and not get caught cops that sit on the tail. When the race only starts, you have a unique opportunity to get ahead. To do this, watch out for the frame, which will be narrower and click on the acceleration, when the frame is practically next button. In case of successful clicks, you will have a couple of seconds handicap until the cops you are not caught up.
2. Tricks – the second mode, which is opened and the main task is to complete a certain number of jumps on trampolines. Time is limited, so you need not only to perform tricks, but try not to crash into the cars passing by.
3. Destruction mode for fans of aggressive drive. Your task is to cut a certain number of cars for the supplied time.
4. Race according to the rules is a very difficult mode, because, to participate in it, in your garage should be specified in the job machine.
5. Daily test drive – you are given a machine on which you must show a very good result.
6. Boss – a series of races with the bosses.
Since the game is a runner, the game mechanics are quite simple. To perform the trick, make a gesture up when it is already on the path marked by the arrows. To use nitro, double-tap the screen. To turn left or right, use the same gestures. To cut a car, go next to it and when you are already at the level of its hood, make a gesture in her direction and thereby you will cut.

game for Android
The graphics and soundtrack:

Visually the game looks just amazing, animation and special effects are very good, but with optimization of the game, as always, there is a problem, therefore, in the settings choose the best quality. The soundtrack is simply amazing, nothing more to say. Let’s summarize: “Asphalt Chase” is a great runner from Gameloft, with beautiful graphics, with more than 30 licensed cars, a variety of game modes and easy operation. The game is free, donut is present, the energy too, so infinitely to play you will not succeed. Enjoy the game!


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