Antivirus Dr.Web for Android

Improved version of security applications to protect Android-based smartphones Dr.Web for Android Light.

Protect your mobile phone from viruses and spam, and unwanted calls and SMS spam. Calls and spam are filtered based on the black and white lists. Availability of user profiles will allow you to adjust the receive calls and SMS in accordance with your requirements.

Dr.Web for Android

Functionality of the “anti-Theft” will be useful in case of loss or theft of the mobile device.

The application does not affect the performance of the Android operating system, it also does not reduce the battery life of the phone. Access to the security features by using easy-to-use desktop widgets.

New in version 9.01.2
Supports Android OS version 4.4, as well as Google Chrome Beta and Yandexbot.
These enhancements work with threats, with self-defense.
Optimized the process of updating the virus databases.
Reduced number of false positives.
Added the ability to detect vulnerabilities Heartbleed in OpenSSL.
Appeared item “help”with which help it is possible to familiarize with the documentation on the product.
When you turn off third-party firewall application about it you are notified.
Fixed errors have been identified, which could cause a crash of the product.
More info about the version 9.01.2
Update of Dr.Web antivirus for Android

Dr.Web for Android

For users of Dr.Web for Android who have installed the application via Google Play, upgrade to new versions will be automatically. If automatic updates on the device is disabled, you will need to go to Android market, to choose in the list of applications the Dr.Web anti-virus or anti-virus Dr.Web Life license and click “Update”.

To update an application installed through the apk file, you must download a new distro. If you set the option “New version of the application”, when updating the virus database, the user will receive notification of the availability of new versions that can be downloaded directly from this dialog.
The main components of Dr.Web antivirus for Android

• Antivirus. Constant anti-virus protection and blocking threats.

• Anti-spam. Protection against unwanted SMS messages and calls.

• Anti-theft. Remote control of your phone using SMS-command in case of theft or loss: lock Android device, enabling the sound of the siren, notifications about the change of SIM card, remote wipe on the phone; supports multiple trusted SIM cards.

• Firewall (Android 4.0 and above). Designed to protect your device from unauthorized access and to prevent the loss of sensitive data over the network. This component allows you to monitor the connection and data transfer on the Internet and blocking suspicious connections.

• URL filter Cloud Checker. Cloud protection from unwanted web sites in the web browser Android using a variety of content categories of Internet resources.

• Security auditor. Assistance in resolving security problems. Enables you to conduct the diagnostics and analysis of safety of your mobile device and resolve the identified problems and vulnerabilities.

Main features Dr.Web antivirus for Android

Antivirus for android


• Real-time antivirus protection and neutralization of threats using file monitor SpIDer Guard. Protection in real-time when you try to save in a memory device of any files.
• Scan on user demand. Antivirus scanner allows to perform quick and full scan, and individual folders and files.
• Quarantine. Detected threats are removed or placed in quarantine, where you can get detailed information about malware.
• Protection of the SD memory card from virus infection autorun and Exploit.Cpllnk dangerous for the Windows operating system.
• Small updates can save mobile traffic.
• Detailed statistics on operation of anti-virus.
• Handy widgets for desktop Android smartphone with the possibility of easy management of anti-virus protection (widget size: 1×1 and 4×1).


• Various filtering modes of phone calls and text messages.
• Ability to create custom profiles with different parameters.
• Editable Black list of numbers from which you want to block incoming calls and SMS messages.
• The blocked log incoming calls and SMS messages.
The anti-theft

Features anti-Theft will find an Android smartphone if it is lost or stolen. You can use remote commands of SMS to remotely delete from your mobile phone confidential information or lock the device.

The functions of the module “Theft”:
• option to enable the phone lock after a reboot;
• blocking Android smartphone with a requirement to enter the unlock password;
• setting limits on the number of wrong attempts password when you unlock;
• unlock your device with the SMS-commands;
• get GPS coordinates of a mobile phone on Google Maps;
• remote Erasure of important data on the phone and on the SD memory card;
• remote on the loud sound of the siren and screen lock;
• set the text displayed on the screen of the phone when it is blocked;
• the list of trusted the rooms, with which you can control module “Theft”, and on which you can receive notification when the SIM card is replaced on a lost smartphone.
• the ability to use multiple trusted SIM cards

URL filter Cloud Checker

Cloud filter web links Cloud Checker allows you to block unwanted web-resources in the Android browser. Using the filter you can block potentially dangerous and unwanted web sites, split into categories:
• Drugs;
• Known sources of viruses;
• Obscene language;
• Terrorism;
• Violence;
• The weapon;
• Adult sites and other

Assistance in solving security issues

Dr.Web for Android allows you to conduct the diagnostics and analysis of safety of your mobile device and resolve the identified problems and vulnerabilities by using a special component – security Auditor. This component starts automatically after the first start of the application and registration of the license. The number of detected problems is displayed in the Help section of the security problems on the main screen of the application.

Possible problems and how to resolve them:

• Applications with the highest priority processing SMS
• Hidden device administrators
• System settings (USB Debugging, Install applications from sources you trust)
• The vulnerability of the Dr.Web antivirus for Android allows you to detect mobile devices such vulnerabilities as a Master Key (#8219321), Extra Field (#9695860) and Name Length Field (#9950697).

Antivirus Dr.Web for Android

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