Angry Birds Epic on Android / for PC

Angry Birds Epic for pc

Angry Birds Epic for PC

The game is great! After the first run, and the first run even on HTC ONE takes more than a minute, we see huge, without exaggeration, the game world. It unfolds another confrontation birds and pigs, this time with epic “fight”. It was around battles and built the basic gameplay.

Angry Birds Epic
Fighting step-by-step and in places like the Japanese game, but in casual Birds ‘ Oh they are extremely simple: kastui protection or the magic of strengthening itself, attack enemies turn all the birds. Enemies at once can be about six-seven, and the properties they have very diverse.

Angry Birds Epic for pc
Bosses pile: from sredneshirotnykh to overfed of swingmaster. The difficulty? Here it is small. And there’s no battle, the defeat and contemptuous pig laughter.

Angry Birds Epic on pc

In General, Angry Birds Epic on Android will not give without straining to pass level by level: to think and calculate the strategy is a must. Every victory rewards birds of the resource kit: boards, pebbles, boxes or straps – they are necessary for collecting ammunition and potions. Initially unclear how everything is going, but the rescue recipes, which are also needed to fight in battles.

With the passage get new poultry – each with their own unique abilities. Maximum in the battle can take part three. Therefore, an additional task is to determine the optimal battle.

Download Angry Birds Epic for PC

Popular game Angry Birds Epic is now available for PC games. Thanks to the developers was created Android emulator for PC, and the name of its BlueStacks Player. BlueStacks currently quite popular application on the Internet.

You can download it from our site. Download BlueStacks

The program is easy to use, set like all programs, interface was created as a standard tablet. Search games and applications through the familiar Google market. All you need is to download BlueStacks and install it on your PC. Further through a search in the emulator designed to write Angry Birds Epic and install on your PC. That’s all. Enjoy using it!

Download Angry Birds Epic

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