Ambush! – Tower Offense

Game for android

Plot in the game today unfortunately not, but apparently in a world where events unfold, an acute shortage of food, that is why we propose to protect the corral with the sheep. However to protect it need not always, you will have to deal with the theft of sheep job will alternate.

Ambush Tower Offense android

Build towers and portals

The first job will be quite classical levels resembling any of Tower Defense, several winding paths will lead to a small herd of sheep on these trails will waves to attack enemies. Deterring attacks have not certain number of waves, as is usually the case, you just need to hold out for a certain time. For the defense of the need to build a tower, which are of four kinds, three of them attacking, and one of the so-called tower of support, slowing the movement of enemy units. One tower is effective against some opponents, others against the other, it’s all painted in their characteristics.

Ambush Tower Offense

Just in the pen will be twenty sheep, evaluated the success of protection is that how you managed to protect. Depending on the result you will be given a reward, and it can be spent on the improvement of the characteristics of the towers.
At other levels you will be offered the contrary, steal sheep. For this you will be able to build in the beginning of the notorious winding paths portals, which will receive your troops. Portals also four of a kind and three of them attacking and one outstanding mages – healers, they are going around other wars will be to treat them accordingly portals to properly combine to steal the maximum number of sheep and put them on the meat.

Game for android


The graphics in the game are simple. Drawing two-dimensional models in games on Android long time no surprise. The animation is as simple effects to the minimum, but it’s all forgiven, in the end, not all devices are able to pull gorgeous graphics of the top projects of this genre, but just fans like hand-drawn style enough.

Game for android Ambush! – Tower Offense

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