Aliens Drive Me Crazy – Run! Save yourselves! It’s aliens!

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Evil aliens captured the planet without any warning. They just stole the local mafia and made all the aliens like the mafia. The simple inhabitant of the town was just in shock from what is happening and immediately went to save all their friends and acquaintances, because the more survivors, the more chances to win. The game was named Aliens Drive Me Crazy and the word “Crazy” not for nothing is present in the title. The game boasts stunning, colorful 3D graphics, excellent special effects and good physics and extremely addictive gameplay and simple controls.

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The gameplay and management:

Your main task of the game is to move around the areas and destroy all of the database of aliens, to free the city from their influence. By itself, you will face a huge enemy forces, but when you are angry – you destroy everything. By the way, in the game you really have to destroy everything and everyone, and it certainly is a huge plus. Before you get to the base, you will have to Wade through a residential house (Yes, by car, yeah break it, and Yes there will be many colorful explosions, which will spread all around).

Download Game for android Aliens Drive Me Crazy

Once you got to the database, you first need to release all civilians, and then to find the key from the roof of this building, because there is the energy of the stone that needs to be destroyed. On each floor are aliens, which is armed with guns and other weapons, but you will bother to helicopters, and after a while and boss, who will gladly tear you to shreds. In the beginning, the main character will only bow, but then you will be able to buy a revolver, shotgun and machine and something more serious. The game is based on the simple gestures up and down. Gestures up and down buttons are used to move between floors, and also for jumping.

Game for android Aliens Drive Me Crazy

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics are just excellent, happy as more colors and beautiful designs all the slightest details and beautiful optimization, which is important. Praise deserves a soundtrack that is reminiscent of the films of the 90’s on the subject of aliens. To summarize: Aliens Drive Me Crazy is insanely beautiful and very exciting game that will give you a sea of positive emotions, good mood and will help to easily pass the time. The game is absolutely free, Donat is meant only for those who do not want to earn in-game currency, for the rest, he will not play any role. Enjoy the game!

Download Game for android Aliens Drive Me Crazy

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