Age of Wind 3 – The continuation of the pirate Saga.

Game for Android

Game for Android called Age of the wind 3 is the third part in the popular Saga of the pirates, which is famous for the huge, open game world where you can not only find treasures, but also to Rob caravans, if it is good to try. The player is not given a specific role, you just watch for a “nice” conversation the captain and his assistant, who try to find solution for the most challenging puzzle – half of the card, which is probably just belonged to the Black John, who was one of the first pirates, who decided to Rob caravans from America. If cartographer did not lie to you, then you have a brilliant opportunity to get rich and to forget about piracy forever, because all will be in abundance. The game boasts a large enough bet card, beautiful 3D graphics, a large number of secondary missions, as well as real battles with your friends from Facebook, and, certainly, a very intriguing plot, which can be of interest to every player who loves the subject of piracy.

Age of Wind 3

The gameplay and management:

The game from the first minutes not just throws you into the open sea, and gradually will show all the features of the game and will train all of its subtleties. The game can be roughly divided into two modes – battle mode and the global mode. In global mode, you simply float on the global map, look for a secondary mission, treasures and other pirate joy. But in the battle mode, you will have to overcome a couple of gunboat, and maybe a couple of Brigham and maybe something bigger.

Age of Wind 3

But you should not forget that you are brave pirates and do not give in easily. Over time, you can prepare a variety of bombs, and to urge the Kraken, so he knocked all the enemies that come under the influence of its tentacles. With each destroyed the ship will fall out various ammunition, but do not forget to look at the display entitled “Hold”that shows how full the hold. Control in the game is done using simple gestures during a global regime, and 3 virtual buttons during a battle mode.

Age of Wind 3

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Graphics and soundtrack:

The graphics in the game really well and she is much prettier, compared with the previous part of the game. The soundtrack sounds perfectly matched, no complaints. Let us summarize: the Age of the wind 3 is a great continuation of the pirate Saga, which has become even better and more interesting, and for those who have it will be the first game, we can safely envy, because, storm of positive emotions is guaranteed. The game is free, Donat is present but not really affect the game. Enjoy the game!


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