3DMark for Android

If you decide to test your device to determine its performance and capability, then you need to pay attention to the application 3DMark for Android. Using such programs the owners of mobile devices with ease implement conceived, and get a detailed analysis of the features of their device.

3DMark Android

Testing can be performed both in normal mode of functioning gadget, so in the mode of high loads. In memory dmarc on Android retains all spent measurements of characteristics of the device and its performance, making it possible to carry out a comparative analysis on the basis of a certain period – day, week, month, year. Also in the program presents the leaderboard after you select a particular device, you can compare it with your smart phone or tablet, having learned what it worse or better your device.

3DMark for Android

Be prepared for the fact that the application weighs quite a lot, so, he will need a lot of memory. In General, the application interface is clear and does not cause complications during use.

Download 3DMark for Android, you can absolutely free of charge on our website.

Download 3DMark for Android

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