360 Security for Android

Antivirus for android

360 Security for Android (Antivirus, Clean) – the new name for 360 Mobile Security – effective and free protection of the mobile device with Android clean from unnecessary files, the acceleration of the system and saves battery power.

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Anti-virus application designed to protect your smartphone from viruses, malware, vulnerabilities and leakage of confidential data. Mobile anti-virus uses two engine: QVS and cloud 360 Cloud.

360 Security removes unnecessary files, cleans applications running in the background, and accelerates your Android-powered smartphone.

Why pay for a so-called Premium features? With this mobile solution you will get the advanced features of a mobile security for which other antivirus applications have to pay. 360 Security for Android – lightweight, fast and free. Download this free application that is used for more than 408 million users.
New in version 1.9.5

Support the world Cup:
1 Shake and clean the drive to win a special prize sweepstakes World Cup.
2. Make photo “GO team”, and to support their team in the screen saver 360 Security.
3. Bug fixes.

Download 360 Security for Android

New in version 1.9.0
A new generation of anti-virus engines:

• Basic architecture “Sky Bridge” – a significant increase scan speed up to 300%.

• Active checking “Retina – scanning technology snapshot in milliseconds, provides a more thorough and accurate verification.

• The “Hawkeye” global cloud-based security, providing global mobile protection in real time.

Key features 360 Security for Android

Scanning and removal of viruses

• Dual antivirus systems for Android-smartphone protection from the latest threats by using an advanced mechanism QVS and cloud engine 360 Cloud.

Protection in real time

• Scanning installed applications and local APK-files is performed in real time by controlling each installation process.

Phone protection against theft

• Quickly identify the location of the phone, remote wipe, the notice on change of the SIM card and audible warning will solve all problems with the loss of the phone.

SMS command 360 Security for Android

360 Security for Android

Device location:

Acoustic warning:

Lock the device:

A single command to determine the location, warning and lock:
locatealertlock#CODE PROTECTION

Deleting data must be sent from the non-security):

resetpassword#contact security

Monitoring of the use of data and Firewall

• Monitoring the use of data in real-time notification limit use of data – no need to worry about excess traffic. The firewall allows you to restrict mobile and Wi-Fi traffic applications.

Advisor privacy

• Serves as a consultant for the protection, indicating what applications have access to your personal data.

Fix system vulnerabilities

• Detects and tested methods addresses the vulnerabilities that exist in your mobile phone.

Added the application Manager

• Easy and fast backup, move, or remove applications and file management ARC.

Acceleration and battery saver

• Scans and closes idle background applications, and also clears personal history of use. You can also enable battery saver if the screen to automatically clear, thus prolonging the life of the battery.

Blocking calls and SMS

• Block unwanted phone calls. Add sender SMS-spam black list.

The purge function buffeting

• Shake the program so easy and fun to clean up the system.

360 Security (Antivirus, Clean) for Android is certified by many independent organizations: West Coast Labs, AV-Comparatives, AV-TEST of PC Security Labs, and SKD Labs.

Restrictions 360 Security for Android

Functions for installation that require the highest system privileges (root access):

– Firewall

Download 360 Security for Android

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